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Together We Can Make A Difference
What We Do ?
SoReCC (Societal Resilience & Climate Change) acts as a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Risk Management, Resilience, Business Continuity and Climate Change.

The association, which is devoid of any spirit of profit, aims to promote the study and stimulate the discussion among European people on common interest Societal Resilience and Climate Change emerging issues, through engaging several public and private entities, such as governments, SMEs and institutions.

The association is also committed to promote the realisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as those are outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, that was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015.
We aim to fulfil our scope through establishing an efficient cooperation between partners and associates, academics and researchers, to essentially enable the integration of a spectrum of multi-disciplinary expertise, that spans across the fields of Engineering, Social Sciences and Economics, into the modeling process and action plans needed for delivering community resilience.
The knowledge, specialization, and proven experience of our members, provide the necessary means for developing the skills required towards risk minimization and speedy recovery, especially against natural disasters, as well as ensure social and economic growth in view of energy related challenges.
We intend to develop an ideal research environment that will evolve and promote an advance community resilience model founded on the fair use of earth resources and the sustainability principles.

Perform basic and applied research

Perform basic and applied research in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection, ecologically sustainable resource management as well as environmentally friendly economic, political, and social development at international and European level. The ultimate goal is to explore the feasibility of different solutions, advise and provide results that actuate forward-thinking across society.

Safeguard people from climate change

Safeguard people from Climate Change while at the same time address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as those are set by the United Nations. To this end, our members investigate different actions, such as food, energy or global and national equity, along with their effects on the prospects of serving the SGDs.

Develop new innovative technologies

Develop new innovative technologies focusing on environmental protection, resource management and economic, political, and social development. Support the evolution of tools that will enable resource use optimization to mitigate the impact of Climate Change on buildings, systems and workflows and to recover quickly minimizing business disruption adverse effects.

Synthesis and analysis

Synthesize and analyze existing knowledge so as to generate robust procedures for assessing the Climate Change impacts and their socio-economic consequences in several different sectors, such as the use of land, the agriculture, the forests, the hydrological systems as well as the human health and well-being.

Perform economically oriented research

Perform economically oriented research that defines the components of political, economic, and other social sciences using all available - practical and conceptual – analytical means. Substantial effort is directed towards addressing and mitigating the consequences of the ongoing climate crisis though communicating the findings to state leaders to promote the implementation of long-lasting measures.

Increase the quality of economic policy

Increase the quality of economic policy making within Europe and beyond, by promoting high quality, policy-relevant economic research, and communicating it worldwide, fostering economic development while preserving the natural assets by building up collaboration and promoting collective efforts across business and finance communities.

Assessing the future impact of climate change

Assess the future impact of Climate Change with the simultaneous emergence of new technologies. Emphasis is put on enabling the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources to replace the existing ones in order to maintain the social and economic development.

Forum for discussion

Provide a discussion forum among scientists and professionals involved in climate resilience research and provide opportunities for opinion exchange and knowledge transfer among its members.

Thematic Areas
Societal Recovery
Climate Change
Cascaded Risk Mgmt
Infrastructure Resilience
Business Continuity
Crisis Mgmt & Comms
Data & InfoSec
Cyber Resilience
Promote Natural
Enhance Biodiversity
Support Clean Water Provision
Rebolutionize Urban Ecosystems
Our Contacts
Contact us. And we will be glad to answer your questions
Phone: + 32 28 91 5043
De Kleetlaan 4, 1831 Machelen, Belgium